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Alto Adige Balance
Alto Adige Balance
Alto Adige Balance

South Tyrol Balance

13th May - 11th June 2017

Just one step and you´re always into new territory. Hill walking is good for the body and eases worries.

With guided escursions and events around the  theme of healthy exercise for body and mind.

Explore the places and offers of South Tyrol Balance in the holiday area Chiusa, Barbiano, Velturno, Villandro and in the Dolomites of Val di Funes

Events of Balance

Sunrise hike on the Villanderer Alm mountain pasture
Expert: Monika Engl
The first rays of the rising sun are slowly turning mountains, meadows and forests into gentle light. We welcome the new day and feel the power of the everyday new beginning. We activate body and mind in the early morning by water treading in the Kneipp basin. We consciously breath and feel our heartbeat to wake up together with nature. One at the summit, we feel the power of sunrise and the primal trust in this eternal rhythm that gives us confidence and strengthens us. It’s a good thing that we have left our bed to welcome the day!
When: Tuesday 16th May and 6th June, Saturday 3rd June 2017 from 4 to 8 am (afterwards breakfast)
Location: Villanderer Alm mountain pasture
Meeting point: Gasserhütte hut car park
Max. participants: 16
Price: 10 € (free for holders of Chiusa Card)
Further information: Easy walk to „Totenkirchlein“ – approx. 2 hours walking time. Substantial traditional sunrise breakfast at Gasserhütte hut after the walk. Price: 10 € (not included).
Information and booking: by 5 pm on the previous day
Information Office Villandro, +39 0472 843 121
Information Office Chiusa, +39 0472 847 424

Deeply rooted as a tree
Expert: Marco Zema
On the Chestnut Trail we hike to the mighty chestnut grove of Moar zu Viersch. We enjoy the gentle spring air as well as the warm sunshine and learn about the great variety of native tree species, as well as the ancient chestnut giants. On closer inspection, oak, ash or pine turn out to be skilled survivors, of whom we can learn a lot. How do they interact with each other and with other living beings? Each tree has its own strategy and its own story that inspires us. Together, they give you a great sense of calm and strength that we can integrate into our lives.
When: Wednesday 17th May, Saturday 27th May, Friday 2nd June, Saturday 10th June - from 10 to 13.30 am
Location: Velturno/Feldthurns - Chestnut Trail
Meeting point: Veltunro Tourist Information Office
Max. participants: 16
Price: 10 € (free for holders of Chiusa Card)
Further information: stop for refreshment - lunch not included in the price
Information and booking: by 5 pm on the previous day
Information Office Velturno, +39 0472 855 290
Information Office Chiusa, +39 0472 847 424

Body and mind in motion at the Barbiano Waterfall
Experts: Rosmarie Rabanser Gafriller & Elisabeth Sagmeister Prader
Water, healthy diet, exercise, herbs and lifestyle: During this excursion to the Barbiano Waterfall we will learn about the holistic health concept of pastor Kneipp. We activate body and mind by water treading in the cool mountain stream, and by walking barefoot in the fresh grass we feel the soft ground beneath our feet. We will get to know the power of medicinal and wild herbs at the organic farm "Kreitla" and we enjoy a relaxing cup of herbal tea. We discover the healing silence of the mystical place of the three churches “Dreikirchen”, and some relaxation exercises help us to find our balance.
When: every Thursday from 18th May to 8th June 2017 – 10 am to 4 pm
Location: Barbiano Waterfalls Meeting point: Barbiano Information Office
Max. participants: 20 people
Price: 10 Euro per person (free for Klausen Card holder)
Further information: Lunch stop planned, lunch not included in the price.
Info and booking: by the previous day
Tourist Office Barbiano, T +39 0471 654 411
Tourist Office Chiusa, T +39 0472 847 424

Experience the magic of spring with all senses
Expert: Monika Engl
How does spring smell? How does it taste and how does it look like – can we hear it? On this hike we discover the world of spring with all our senses, perceive its intense fragrances and bright colours and enjoy the spicy taste of fresh herbs. We listen to the chirping of birds and walk barefoot through the green grass, as we come to life. An inspiring journey through nature.
When: Friday 19th May, Sunday 28th May and 11th June - from 10 am to 3 pm
Location: Gudon/Gufidaun
Meeting point: car park in front of the fire brigade station in Gudon
Max. participants: 16
Price: 10 € (free for holders of Chiusa Card)
Further information: Easy hike from Gudon to Albions – 2 hours, bring along sunblock, weather protection, floor cushion, food and beverage
Information and booking: by 5 pm on the previous day
Information Office Chiusa, +39 0472 847 424

Breathe in spring in the Dolomites
Expert: Stefan Braito
We start our breathing tour by listening to the rush of water of the S. Maddalena mountain stream. Then we hike to an energetic place in the middle of nature with our lungs filled with plenty of oxygen. Here we take deep breaths of the spring mountain air and enjoy the magnificent view of the Odle/Geisler peaks, UNESCO World Heritage. On flowering meadows, we smell the fragrance of the herbs, until we reach the S. Maddalena Church, where we get to know about the positive effects of breathing in consciously.
When: Saturday 20th May, Tuesday 23th and 30th May, Friday 26th May and 9th June - from 10 am to 1 pm
Location: S. Maddalena/St. Magdalena in Val di Funes/Villnöss
Meeting point: Puez-Odle Nature Park House in S. Maddalena
Max. participants: 10
Price: 15 €
Information and booking:
Information Office Val di Funes/Villnöss, +39 0472 840 180
Stefan Maria Braito, +39 0472 841 060
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