Bike Tips

for a safe biking

> Functional mountainbike (Hardtail, Allmountain, Enduro, Freeride, Downhill)
> Helmet - mandatory for guided bike tours
> Gloves
> Shoes with a good profile and stiff soles
> Backpack (food, energy bar, water bottle, cell phone, money, ID card, first aid kit, windbreaker, spare clothes, sunscreen flashlight)
> Tools (pump, repair kit, multi-tool, chain lock, switching eye, brake pads, tyre lifters, clamps)

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises during the tour, our bike guides advise you to take your bike before your departure:
Check the rims: the wheel must turn in a circle.
> Check wheel spokes
> Check the tyre profile and ensure there is no visible damage.
> Check tyre pressure - ideal for mountain bikes 1.8 - 2.5 bar (depending on tyres and weight)
> Adjust the brakes well (lever action)
> Check the brake pads to see if they are still sufficient.
> Check the brake disc (wear or side impact)
> Check frames for cracks or damage
> Check lower brackets, pedal bearings or control bearings
> Set the saddle to the correct height
> Tighten the handlebars correctly
> Set the pedal click activation correctly
> Clean and oil the chain well
> Check gearbox and gears (also under load) and adjust them if necessary, check gearbox protection
> Adjust and control the shock absorber according to the driver's weight (functionality)

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