Circular trail GufidaunHiking on the circular trail
High Waterfalls GufidaunHigh Waterfalls Gufidaun

Hiking trails in Gufidaun/Gudon

Ideal starting point

Many different hiking trails connect Gufidaun/Gudon with the villages in his surroundings like Klausen, Lajen, Albions and Villnöss. The possibilties of hikes are multifaceted since there are easy hiking trails as well as difficult high alpine trails.

Gufidaun - Albions
Tour lenght: 5.5 km
Descent: 319 m
Ascent: 146 m
Tour duration: 1h 40min
Trail number: 4, 10B, 10, 5A, 10
Trail type: moderate hiking trail

Gufidaun - Freins
Tour length: 3.8 km
Descent: 483 m
Ascent: 21 m
Tour duration: 1h 30min
Trail number: 4, 4A, 4B, 3, 4
Trail type: moderate hiking trail

Gufidaun - Eisenquelle (spring)
Tour length: 1.0 km
Descent: 99 m
Ascent: 12 m
Tour duration: 20 min
Trail number: 7, 2
Trail type: easy hiking trail

Gufidaun - Hohe Fälle (waterfall)
Tour length: 2.7 km
Descent: 257 m
Ascent: 40 m
Tour duration: 1h
Trail number: 7, 2
Trail type: moderate hiking trail

Gufidaun - Resciesa
Tour length: 9.8 km
Descent: 1527 m
Ascent: 0m
Tour duration: 4h 40min
Trail number: 7, 35A, 35, 10
Trail type: moderate alpine trail  
Hikes at Gudon
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