Valle Isarco/Eisacktal Chestnut Trail

From Leitach on the Renon/Ritten high plateau to Runkelstein Castle near Bolzano/Bozen

On this last section, the Ritten/Renon high plateau shows some of its attractions, such as the Feuersalamander valley and the Ruine (ruins) Stein. The earth pyramids of Unterinn are no less impressive. Once you have arrived at your destination, Runkelstein Castle is ready to introduce you to your cultural break.

Distance: 16km
Difference in altitude: 530m
Average walking time: 5 hours

The hike from Klobenstein to Siffian takes about 40 minutes on hiking trail 11. Below the urban settlement the Keschtnweg descends on the right on a paved field path, along the woodland above the wildly romantic ruins of castle Stein in the Rösslerbachgraben (760 metres above sea level) and there climbs again on the Schatt slope to the fields at Tasenegger. Going along the chestnut grove above the fields you pass the farms of Melterer and Blümler, then the steep track crosses the Gasterer Graben (the earth pyramids of Unterinn are in the dense forest above the trail). When you arrive at the orchards of the Hinterhuber farm of Unterinn, follow the gently rising Höfestraße and the Dorfstraße to the village centre near to the church (910m above sea level, 1 ¼ hours). The Dorfgasse leads to the Ritten’s main road which you cross after the car park. Pass the farms of the hamlet of Eschenbach and you come to Sulzner (a garden centre) and climb through the woodland up to the isolated farm Partschuner (996 metres above sea level). The paved access to the farm descends in two bends to Signat (848 metres above sea level, 1 hour). After crossing the Signat road slightly lower down, the road ends at Pieracher. The climb leads to the lower edge of the meadow. Continue down there through steep woodland after a sloping rift to the Rivelaunbach (brook) in the Katzenbach valley (745 metres above sea level). Climb again at the derelict Krössgütl and you will come to a woodland trail running above. Take a left turn there to the Höfestraße and along this through a trench to the isolated farm of Spornberg (871 metres above sea level). After the level field terrace of Spornberg, a paved track leads down to the valley. Turn right at the stony slope on to a rising steep track, after the crossroads with the Höfestraße turn right again on a steep track and you will reach the mountain Gasthof (inn) Ebnicher (832 metres above sea level, 1 hour). After about 500 metres on the paved access road to the farm, climb gently westwards and begin the descent to the valley on the left. The old partly paved foot path descends for some distance through rough mixed woodland on the rock-strewn southwest slope. After crossing a forest road, follow the wide “St. Oswald Promenade” in bends as far as the fields of St. Peter. There you will find the paved access road to the castle. Runkelstein Castle (361 metres above sea level, 1 hour) is on a hill surrounded by vineyards. Access to the castle is by means of a paved ascent. The bus stop is at the foot of this ascent on the Talstraße.

Special features along the route:
- Feuersalamandertal between Unterinn and Rielinger
- Ruins of castle Stein in the Rösslerbachtal
- Earth pyramids of Unterinn
- Luzia church in Unterinn
- St. Sebastian Kirche (church) auf der Weit
- Runkelstein Castle

How to get there:
Take the Rittnerstraße as far as Klobenstein and continue on to Siffian.

Car park:
Siffian or in Klobenstein, Leitach

Public transport:
By scheduled bus from Bozen/Bolzano to Klobenstein or by the Ritten/Renon cable car from Bozen to Oberbozen and from there continue by the Rittnerbahn (train) to Klobenstein. From here to the exit point for Siffian.
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