Törggele Hikes

Törggele hikes

in the center of South Tyrol

Törggele hike in Chiusa/Klausen
Loop hike on the sunny slope of Leitach, where our wine grows. There are several typical Törggele wine taverns along the trail. From Chiusa via the Sabiona Promenade to the hamlet of Pardell. Stop on the right at the Gasthof Huber. Follow the trail marked 1B and then trail no. 3 down to the valley. By following trail 3A past the Hienghof you come to the Spitalerhof and then back to Chiusa.

Starting point: Klausen
Signposting: Keschtnweg (chestnut trail), 1B, 3, 3A
Walking time: 4 hours

Törggele hike in Barbiano/Barbian
From the village centre you descend on trail no. 3 past the Gostnerhof in the direction of Ponte Gardena/Waidbruck. From there follow the cycle path to Colma/Kollmann. A short distance above the village you come to Reatlhof on trail no. 8A. By following trail no. 5 you go from Colma back to Barbiano, from where, by following trails no. 11A and 11B, you can make a detour to the Unteraichnerhof. You can start this hike from Waidbruck in either direction.

Starting point: village centre of Barbiano
Signposting: 3, cycle path, 8A, 5, 11A, 11B
Walking time: 4 hours

Törggele hike in Velturno/Feldthurns
From the village centre go in a north easterly direction along the main road to Tschiffnon as far as the Wöhrmaurer. From there take the chestnut trail back into the village past the Antoniuskirchl (small church of St. Anthony) and on to the inn Moar zu Viersch (863m above sea level). From there on to the Huber in Pardell (775m above sea level) and follow trail no. 1 in the direction of the Sabiona Monastery (740m above sea level) from where you can descend to Chiusa (520m above sea level).

Starting point: Velturno village centre
Signposting: Keschtnweg (chestnut trail), 1
Walking time: 2 hours

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Törggele hike in Villandro/Villanders
You can start in the village centres of Villandro, St. Valentin or Sauders. The trail is signposted as “Törggelesteig”. The traditional route however begins in Klausen with trail no. 4 in the direction of Villandro via the old connecting path of both villages. If you decide to take the Törggelesteig, it is best to take the loop trail further on the left passing below Villandro in the direction of Sauders, then up to Villandro, in order to descend again on trail no. 4 and close the loop trail.

Starting point: Chiusa or Villandro
Signposting: 4, 4A, 4B, 4A, 4
Walking time: 2 hours 40 minutes

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