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Places of mysticism and silence
Sabiona/Säben Monastery
If you want to go to the Sabiona abbey above Chiusa/Klausen, you have to get there on foot. Step by step, all the way up to the towering castle on the hill. Once you get there, the silence is tangible. A bishop’s residence of bygone days, the faith which spread from this magical place permeated the whole of the surrounding area. Even to this day, the three churches of Sabiona are infused with a spiritual, strength-giving energy. Gather your thoughts here in this Acropolis of Tyrol.
Bagni Froy - The “holy” springs
On Mount Tschann near Gudon ferruginous springs, discovered by St. Theobald, have its source. Sick and tired of life, he moved to the nearby woods where he lived as eremite. He noticed that old or wounded animals came to the spring, and as they dived into the water they healed. Astonished by this miraculous power, he decided to take a bath in those waters and healed from all his pains, too.
Word about the “holy” spring got around quickly and many patients found recovery there. In grateful recognition a chapel was built and dedicated to St. Theobald, who is still revered as the patron of Bagni Froy.

Places of perception
The High Falls waterfalls in Gudon/Chiusa with the Schülerbrünnl
Running waters have always fascinated man. Rivulets, streams and waterfalls enhance the landscape. Forest play a key role within the hydrological cycle. The healthy soil is capable of storing a large amount of water, and at the same time filters and cleans infiltrated rainwater from dust and other particles. Finally, the water is enriched in deeper layers with minerals and comes as a delicious source of drinking water back to the surface. The High Falls (Hohe Fälle) of Gudon are supplied by the Gnoll stream that retains all its natural character and has therefore been declared natural heritage. This source is called Schülerbrünnl. The teacher Josef Groß of Gudon elementary school brought his students to the source, as part of a natural-related instruction, and thus coined the name Schülerbrünnl. The water of this source contains significant concentrations of iron, nickel, manganese and zinc, and is therefore not for drinking.
The forest sofa and the Tretfelder in Gudon/Chiusa
Take the opportunity to develop your different senses!
The forest sofa: Sit down on the sofa and close your eyes for a few minutes! Focus on the sounds you hear, and try to identify them!
The Tretfelder: Take off your shoes and step on each field barefoot! Try to exercise the sensitivity of your feet on the ground. What do you feel?
A stop-off with a difference 
Chestnut forest of Moar zu Viersch, Velturno
Planted centuries ago, the mighty chestnut trees winding their way along the Eisack Valley emanate a sense of permanence. Right in the middle, on a hillock in the low-mountain range, you will find the unassuming Moar zu Viersch house chapel. It is an idyllic spot to take a rest and get your breath back. The view sweeps over the valley, the sun glints off the mountain peaks on the other side of the valley and, in autumn, nature glows in all its finery.

The strength of simplicity 
Briol and Bad Dreikirchen
It’s like a part of nature itself how the Briol guest house nestles to the hill. A work of art in the New Objectivity style: simple, elegant and accessible only on foot.  A few steps further on bring you to the ancient healing sanctuary of Dreikirchen. Three churches built tight beside each other, with steeples of weathered wood. Freshness and silence inside the ancient sacred rooms. Here, the intense aura of a spiritual place and the strength of simplicity are so strong that you can feel their power.

Kneipp Excursion
Kneipp facility at the Barbiano Waterfalls.
New Kneipp facility with Kneipp basin at the waterfall of San Pietro Mezzomonte/Velturno.
Kneipp and barefoot basins along the new family path at Alpe di Villandro.
Mugo Pine Trail at Villandro
Hiking along the new Pine Trail at Alpe di Villandro, stop off at the pine distillery to watch the process of distillation of essential oils, and finally, "taste" the different aromas of the mugo pine.
Chestnut Hiking Trail
The so-called Keschtnweg, the Chestnut Hiking Trail, leads from Bressanone/Brixen along the sunny slopes of the Isarco/Eisacktal Valley up to Bolzano/Bozen along a single belt of chestnut groves of about 60 km. This path corresponds in the area of Chiusa, Barbiano, Velturno and Villandro to the Way of St. James.
Rediscovery of traditions
Revive traditions along the Birmehl Trail at Verdignes/Chiusa. From some varieties of pears, pear flour (German: »Birmehl«) was made. The pears were either cored or left whole and then dried in the sun to form so-called “clumps”. In wintertime the “clumps” freezed and then where ground into flour. In the past, pear flour was used as a substitute for sugar, which was very expensive.
Back in the day, Verdignes was often derisively referred to as the “Birmehl village”, because of the many pear-trees (German: Birne = pear) surrounding the rural village. This nearly forgotten rustic delicacy is experiencing a renaissance in modern South Tyrolean cuisine. Once a year, farm inns and restaurants bring this tradition to life again and serve special dishes along the Birmehl Trail.
Dürer Stone
It was in 1494 as the young artist Albrecht Dürer made a stop in Chiusa/Klausen during his journey to Italy. Today a beautiful walk leads from Chiusa to these slopes. From this promising place the painter drew the city of Chiusa. The result of its feather was lost later, but a copper engraving Das große Glück (the great fortune) is delivered. Therefore, Chiusa calls itself the small Dürer Town. Who wants to visit this inspiring place, goes today to the Dürer Stone (Dürerstein).
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