Artists in Residence 3.0

The artists' colony in Klausen revives

For the third time, the art project takes place under the name 'Klausen All Inclusive' and revives the historic artists' colony of Klausen. From mid-July onwards, three artists will live and work in Klausen. They will move into the historic, but now empty, tavern 'Grauer Bär' in the heart of the town. Agnieszka Kozłowska from Gdynia in Poland, Jan Hasenauer from Alfter in Germany and Claudio Beorchia from Refrontolo in Italy won the competition and stood out from the applications of around 60 artists from all over the world. Now they will stay for one month in the artists' town of Klausen and create works of art in return for board and lodging, which will then be given to the town. Until the end of May, artists from various disciplines were given the opportunity to apply for the residence in Klausen via a call for applications. About 60 applications from all over the world were received via an online portal. After a comprehensive evaluation, a committee of six people selected three of the artists who cover a broad spectrum of work. The municipality of Klausen gives the artists an apartment and the studio for the entire period for free. The objective of the project is to revive the former artists' colony of Klausen dating from around 1900. PROFILES OF THE ARTISTS
Agnieszka Kozłowska comes from Gdynia in Poland and has already participated in various artist residencies throughout Europe. She studied photography in the UK and Poland and developed her own experimental technique. Agnieszka uses her photography to explore the physical experience of the landscape and its geological past. Her latest work took her to the high mountain regions of the Alps, where unique photographic objects were created from "glacial powder rock", which is ground into powder by the movement of ice. The site-specific sediments are mixed with a light-sensitive substance and exposed for several hours in a self-constructed large-format camera to capture the space left behind by retreating glaciers.
Jan Hasenauer works in the field of conceptual art; he creates multimedia and sculptural work complexes, which are formed by sound and video installations and sculptural elements. Heavy Mental, one of his last works, explores physical forces and threshold moments and thus the psychological, symbolic and mythological dimensions of human experience and consciousness. The central theme is a tightrope walk between delusion and reason, striving towards and whispering to. The attempt is made to make these power relations (pressure/pull, balance/imbalance, weight/lightness) physically visible.  Jan lives and works in Alfter in Germany, is a pedagogue and studied art-therapy-pedagogy, painting and sculpture at the Alanus University for Art and Society.

Claudio Beorchia tries with his art to view and represent the world in a different, enlightening and more meaningful way. He implements this through processes of intuition and insight, using slips and variations of perspective on devices, clichés, elements of urban space and landscape. In doing so, he sets no limits in the choice of languages and materials and places particular emphasis on participatory and relational practices. With his non-self-referential approach, he embarks on a search for expressive synthesis, lightness and irony. Claudio lives and works in Refrontolo near Treviso - he studied visual art and design at Iuav University in Venice and has participated in artist residencies around the world.

Artists in Residence

from 10th July to 7th August 2020

Exhibition: 7th August to 14th August 2020
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