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Nature for the Senses

The new beauty products

Enjoy a very personal break, experience nature on your skin and let the woody scent stimulate your senses.

KLAUSEN CHIUSA Peeling Soap: Strength and vigour thanks to natural vineleaves.
The wine culture lived around Chiusa is a pleasure to experience with all your senses. Vine leaves that show their typical fiery shades in autumn are full of flavonoids, which are renowned for their anti-oxidant, stimulating, energy-boosting and fortifying effects. The exfoliating soap has refreshing and revitalizing effects. Its delicate, sweet scent is an olfactory experience.

BARBIAN BARBIANO Shower Gel: Plum juice on your skin.
Plum trees have been growing on the sunny slopes of Barbiano since the late Middle Ages. Its sweet, fruity scent is not the only reason that makes this plum shower gel a daily pleasure. The fruit extract is also rich in mineral salts and vitamins that restore the skin’s natural moisture and have a balancing effect.

FELDTHURNS VELTURNO Body Lotion: Sweet chestnut flour beautifi es the skin.
Sweet chestnuts are rich in nourishing substances and were once an important source of sustenance for the mountain farmers of Velturno. Sweet chestnut flour re-mineralizes the skin thanks to its plant proteins, mineral salts and vitamins. Precious oils and wax added to the moisturizing body lotion nourish the skin and maintain it smooth and supple.

VILLANDERS VILLANDRO Shampoo: Refreshing mountain pine oil for head and hair.
Mountain pines grow from an altitude of 1,500 metres on the Alpe di Villandro. The essential oil extracted from the mountain pine has a revitalizing, regenerating and refreshing effect. As an ingredient in shampoos, it makes hair soft and resilient while its delicate pine resin fragrance is nourishment for the soul.

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