Chestnut beer

Klausen’s special brew

In addition to our red wines and aromatic white wines another drink is riding high in the adventure holiday region. It is beer and not just any beer, but chestnut beer. It is brewed in the Gasslbräu brewery, one of the 8 traditional South Tyrolean public house breweries that have their headquarters here in Klausen. Subject to the purity laws (beer) the brewery Gasslbräu brews not only Gassl’s classic light and Gassl’s wheat beer, but also the mild and very taste-intensive beer made from the flour of sweet chestnuts that have been grown in and around Klausen from as early as the late Middle Ages.

After a hearty breakfast, in the true spirit of the chestnut, a fitting way to sample this unusual special beer is to hike along the 60 kilometre-long chestnut hiking trail, known locally as the Keschntweg.
Chestnut beerChestnut beer
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