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A Truly Unique Gourmet Region

The landscape in the vicinity of Klausen/Chiusa is a true paradise for gourmets and wine connoisseurs. The chestnut tree orchards and vineyards of the mid Eisack Valley are home to real treasures.

The enormous chestnut trees along the orchard paths were once the source of nuts – a nutritious food capable of being stored for lengthy periods of time, thus ensuring the survival of the poor farmers of this region during the long, cold winters. Today, these so-called "Keschtn" are an indispensable and delicious part of the gourmet cuisine of this area, lending South Tyrolean dishes a whole new flavor!
ChestnutsChestnuts from Barbian
Chestnut flowersChestnut flowers
Holidays in the adventure region Klausen / Chiusa Barbian / Barbiano Feldthurns / Velturno Villanders / Villandro