Grappa, schnapps, distilleries, South TyrolGrappa from South Tyrol's distilleries

Grappa from South Tyrol

Barbian’s plum schnapps

Hard liquor treats from South Tyrol’s fresh fruits complete the line-up of South Tyrol’s quality products.

The distillates are distilled solely from the marc of South Tyrol’s quality grapes without any additives and using the so-called direct distillation method.

We make a very special regional product here in the southern Eisack Valley also in our distillery using the Barbian damson plum. Two distillers in Barbian still make the “Zweschpeler”, Barbian’s plum schnapps: the distillery at Matronerhof makes it for its own use and the distillery at Unteraichnerhof where you can also buy the schnapps.
Grappa, South Tyrol, Spitalerhof, distillerie, Klausen, ChiusaGrappa from the distillerie Spitalerhof
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