South Tyrolean speckA traditional speck board

South Tyrolean Speck

A speciality full of flavour

It is the long maturing time and combination of air drying and the careful cold-smoked process with natural herbs that give the South Tyrolean branded Speck its special spiciness. The legs of pork from controlled animal breeding appropriate to the species are smoked slowly with the smoke of low-resin wood at a temperature of only 20°. After an ageing period of at least 20 months the Speck can be sold. The spicy seasoning mixture is a well-guarded secret of each Speck producer that is passed on partly for generations. In this way Speck has a different taste every now and again, but it is consistently unforgettably good. A large number of South Tyrolean dishes rely on the quality of South Tyrol’s branded Speck: for instance the spicy Speck dumplings, the diced bacon and onion omelette with Speck and of course the Speck snack or the South Tyrolean farmer’s toast that must not be missing on any proper hike.

Interesting news from the area: the best speck in South Tyrol comes from Latzfons.
South Tyrolean SpeckSouth Tyrolean Speck
South Tyrol’s Speck festivities

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Sout Tyrolean SpeckSouth Tyrolean Speck is slowly cold smoked
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