Granted winesGranted wines

Granted wines

of the Eisack Valley

The slopes around Klausen/Chiusa produce grapes used in making fine wines which not only sommeliers and connoisseurs are enthused about. The special farming techniques of the wine-makers of the Eisack Valley / Val d'Isarco, their industriousness and passion in even the most extreme locations, and the distinctive fruitiness of the resultant wines are the reason why the wines of this region are sure to please the palate of even demanding wine-drinkers…

Granted wines:

Eisack Valley Sylvaner R 2012, Köfererhof, Günther Kerschbaumer (Espresso, Slow Wine, Doctor Wine)

Eisack Valley Veltliner Praepositus 2012, Kloster Neustift (Gambero Rosso, Bibenda)

Eisack Valley Sylvaner Alte Reben 2013, Pacherhof (Espresso, Bibenda)

Eisack Valley Sylvaner 2013, Kuenhof Gambero Rosso, Espresso)

Eisack Valley Riesling 2012, Köfererhof, Günther Kerschbaumer (Espresso, AIS)

Eisack Valley Veltliner 2012, Köfererhof,Günther Kerschbaumer (Bibenda)

Eisack Valley Gewürztraminer Praepositus 2013, Kloster Neustift (Vinibuoni)

Eisack Valley Sylvaner 2012, Eisacktaler Kellerei (Bibenda)

Eisack Valley Riesling Praepositus 2012, Kloster Neustift (Slow Wine)

Eisack Valley Sylvaner 2013, Pacherhof (Gambero Rosso)

Eisack Valley Veltliner 2013, Kuenhof (Espresso)

Eisack Valley Sylvaner 2013, Taschlerhof (Espresso)

Eisack Valley Sylvaner 2013, Strasserhof, Hannes Baumgartner (Slow Wine)

Eisack Valley Veltliner 2013, Strasserhof, Hannes Baumgartner (Espresso)

Eisack Valley Pinot Grigio 2013 Köfererhof, Günther Kerschbaumer (Gambero Rosso)
Granted Eisack Valley winesGranted Eisack Valley wines


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The wines of the Eisack valley

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