Wine-growing district

Eisack valley’s main varieties of grape

In South Tyrol the Sylvaner is to be found almost exclusively in the Eisack Valley where it is admittedly the most common. On the cool but sun-blessed slopes between 500 and 700 metres above sea level this variety develops its unique body and a stimulating acidity. The Sylvaner has a mineral-peaty fragrance with aromas of fresh herbs or hay.

Müller Thurgau
Müller Thurgau is also a variety of grape that can be found often in the Eisack Valley. It grows on slopes up to 850 metres above sea level and develops, especially in the Eisack valley, a fragrance of elderflowers in addition to the typical nutmeg bouquet. Gewürztraminer: The Gewürztraminer is a “real South Tyrolean” variety. Its home is in Tramin, south of Bozen. It is a very old variety of grape that was known as early as the first half of the last century in the German-speaking region. The Gewürztraminer is one of South Tyrol’s aromatic white wines with hints of rose petals, cloves, lychees and tropical fruits. It is especially suited as an aperitif or with strongly flavoured food.

The story of the Riesling in our region dates back to the 19th century when the archduke Johann of Austria brought this type of grape to South Tyrol where it can be found in the cooler valleys such as the Eisack valley or the Vinschgau. The Riesling satisfies with its subtle peach and citrus aromas and lively acidity.

The Kerner is a cross with Riesling and because of its resistance to frost it is planted at higher altitudes in the Eisack valley. This aromatic wine with its fine fruity bouquet and discreet hints of nutmeg has the potential to become the figurehead for Eisack valley’s white wines.

Originally from Austria the Veltliner can be found in South Tyrol almost exclusively in the Eisack valley where, on deep, fertile and warm soil, it is developing into a fresh fruity wine with delicate flavours of flowers and herbs. Pinot Grigio The Pinot Grigio has its origins in the Burgundy family. It is a full-bodied, rich, white wine with a warm, flowery fragrance. The somewhat heavier and loamy soil of the mid and lower Eisack valley lends it a power that others like it are seeking.
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