Geom. August Aichner

Engineering office

Basic cadastre
Surveying and preparation of partition plans in order to notify the land registry office of any significant changes to the parcels, e.g.: change of shape of the parcel, partitioning, construction of a new building, redesign or demolition of a building.
Building cadastre
Measurement of the inventory and creation of the graphic documents as well as the area calculation in the cadastral program "DOCFA".
Material divisions
The material division plan or material house division plan describes the ownership structure within a property and the associated areas. You can also define easements in these plans, such as right of transit. For these plans to be legally effective, they must be deposited in the land register. In the event of a change in ownership, a notarial partition plan must be submitted.
Terrain surveys
By surveying the terrain, an elevation plan can be created with the corresponding terrain quotas and terrain sections.
This serves as the basis for a construction project, planning work, construction of retaining walls, etc.
Boundary findings
Collection of old surveying documents at the land registry office and on-site surveying to reconstruct the boundary line. This is staked out with stakes on site. The border line can be restored at any time afterwards.
Staking out and boundary staking out
The course of the limit is defined on site by prior determination of the limit.
Construction staking out
Staking out floor plans, as well as road courses to determine the exact position of those.
Inventory and building surveys
Inclusion of existing buildings for entry in the building register, or planning of a conversion or new building. Inventory of infrastructures such as roads, bridges, streams, etc. and rock surveys to create site plans.
Construction supervision
Management of the construction site for the proper execution of the construction work. Preparation of cost estimates and custom-made construction accounts with graphic documentation, etc.
Housing > Project planning of new buildings, conversions, extensions, renovations. Interior and exterior design.
Agriculture > Planning of agricultural farm buildings, machine rooms, alpine huts etc. as well as meliorants, sprinkler systems, water reservoirs etc.
Klimahaus > Calculation of the energy demand of buildings or apartments to obtain certification from the Klimahausagentur.
And in this context: surveying, design, request for contributions, submission, execution, tendering, accounting, construction management, climate house, cadastral registration, material division.
Statics & Safety
For the calculation of the statics and safety I work together with selected engineers, who take over these on my behalf. If you have already chosen a structural engineer and/or safety coordinator, I will be happy to work with them.
Habitat optimisation
Our living and working spaces influence our physical and mental well-being - every day, every second.
Habitat optimisation deals with the interaction between man / space / health and sees itself as a support to optimise the well-being of man in his habitat and the environment. In order to ensure this, we complement architecture, building biology, etc. Colours, shapes, materials or symbols are used.


Geom. August Aichner
Engineering office
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39043 Klausen/Chiusa (BZ)
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