Immerse yourself in the history of the Sacred Mountain: treasures of archaeology, art, culture, and faith

Along the trail to Säben, this audio guide will lead visitors on an immersive journey through the history of the “Holy Mountain” and unveil a wealth of fascinating information on the archaeological finds and the artistic and cultural treasures of the area. Countless designations, including that of the “Holy Mountain,” the “Cradle of Christianity in South Tyrol,” or “Acropolis of Tyrol,” bear witness to the historical importance of these lands.

As you walk up from Säben access to the Holy Cross, an explanatory illustration of ten positions is provided in the three languages of this area—German, Italian, Ladin—and in English. The texts were written by Sepp Krismer and, for the fourth station (archaeological digs), Armin Torggler. As narrators, we recruited Peter Schorn (German), Alessandra Limetti (Italian), Rut Bernardi (Ladin) and Stephen Lloyd (English). The translations of the texts from German were prepared by Miryam Giuliani (Italian), Rut Bernardi (Ladin) and Gareth Norbury (English). The audio guides are also available in text format on the website.

Length of trail: approx. 2 km
Walking time: approx. 40 mins.
Elevation difference: approx. 200 m

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The “Säben – Holy Mountain“ project marks the 25th anniversary celebrations of the Klausen Voluntary Cultural Heritage Association. It was developed in 2023 in collaboration with Burgenstraße Südtirol (South Tyrolean Castle Trails) with the support of the Klausen Tourism Association.