10 Church of the Holy Cross

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10 Church of the Holy Cross
The Heilig Kreuz Kirche (Church of the Holy Cross) stands at the highest point of the Säben mountain and has been repeatedly remodelled over the centuries. Its location, its impressive fresco decoration and the expressive cross on the high altar all make it a focal point for faith on the Sacred Mountain.

Nothing can be seen today of the original church, which was probably built around the year 600. The impressive outer walls, of regularly hewn diorite stones, form the oldest detail. The fire of 1533 completely destroyed the then-existing building. Today’s Church of the Holy Cross was also constructed when the monastery was rebuilt between 1677 and 1680.

The interior possesses surprisingly virtuoso paintings on the walls and ceiling, probably by the artist Johann Baptist Hueber. They depict the events surrounding the Mystery of Easter.
The artistic highlight of the church is its large Gothic cross on the main altar which. according to legend, was not destroyed by the fire of 1533. The crucifix is attributed to Master Leonhard of Brixen: dating from circa 1470, it is still the destination for numerous pilgrims from both near and far.