01 The stairway leading to Säben

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01 The stairway leading to Säben
Welcome to Säben – and to the stairway that leads up to Säben, Säben, the Sacred Mountain of Tyrol!
Säben was an episcopal see for almost 500 years; it was then the seat of a castle governor and, since 1685, it has been a monastery.

We are at the start of the stairwaythat leads up to Säben. This short, steep climb takes us from the lower town up to Branzoll Castle. At each of the 150 or so steps – some carved into the natural rock – the view widens of the historic town centre below. After just a few steps, you get a bird’s eye view of the old town and its interlocking roofscape of gables, terraces and skylights.

The cross at the first step and the shrines along the wayside lend a religious ambiance to the Holy Mountain.