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Feldthurns in summer

Sights to see in Feldthurns

Churches & chapels

Church of S. Andrea at Garn
The church belonging to the parish Lazfons, once a Roman, was in the 15th Century Gothic style and received its present from in the 17th Century.

St. George's Church

St. George's Church is located in Snodres, above Feldthurns. It is a beautiful little building from the late Gothic period. Its present appearance dates back partly to the 16th and partly to the 19th century (key Haus Sigmund). Open from May to the beginning of November every Wednesday from 8 am to 6 pm.

The Parish Church "zu Maria Himmelfahrt" at Feldthurns
The parish church Maria Himmelfahrt (of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary) is the oldest: the Chapel of Our Lady, built in 1112, was used as a parish church from 1170. It was rebuilt between 1499 and 1515, but its current style – Late Gothic – dates from its rebuilding between 1894 and 1899 according to plans drawn up by the Viennese architect Weber.
St. Anthony's Church
St. Anthony's Church on the road to Gola, which is striking for its architectural style, was built in 1670 as a foundation of the Petzer couple.

St. Laurentius Church at Feldthurns
The St. Laurentius church (Gothic with Romanesque nave walls) stands at the heart of the village. It was built between 1286 and 1295 and extended in around 1400. The tower was not built until the 16th century and was not given secure enough foundations – so Feldthurns has its very own leaning tower!

Church St. Peter in Schrambach
The partly Gothic St. Peter's Church dates back to 1248 and was given its current appearance in 1503. There is a beautiful wooden statue representing S. Ulrico, a rough sculpture dating back to the 13th century.
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