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The artistic town with charm
Arts & culture In the footsteps of artists

Holidays in Klausen

South Tyrolean small town flair and endless opportunities!

Everyone who likes to be active when on holiday, for whom enjoyment must not be cut short and art and culture may not be left out made the right choice with a holiday in Klausen. The small village winds between the castle rock of Säben and the Eisack river. Romantic façades are lined up next to each other, and you will be towered over by Gothic churches and the Säben mountain with its picturesque Benedictine Monastery.

Already hundreds of years ago, the little town made its name as an artistic town and over time it has become one of the most beautiful old towns in Italy. If you get excited about sunny slopes and endless chestnut groves. If you enjoy strolling down winding lanes and would like to experience traditional South Tyrolean cuisine. If you want to experience winter emotions and wander through the traditional Christmas market. If you want to take a walk through the Middle Ages and go on all kinds of outings, then come to Klausen!
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Welcome to the heart of the Eisacktal valley

Where city life and the enjoyment of nature await you

Turn straight from the market square directly into the Eisacktal valley bicycle path. Stop for a bite in the surrounding mountains on the pastures or climb up to one of the highest pilgrimage churches in Europe, the Latzfonser cross. Stroll through the old town and let yourself be gastronomically pampered…
Picturesquely beautiful

Holidays in Klausen offer something for everyone!

This small town is the perfect place for exploring the Eisacktal valley, the “Valley of trails” and discover the region by bike, or roam it in winter on snowshoes. On the valley side, you will find the peaks of the Sarntal Alps, on the other side the doors to the Dolomites open. All around you will find chestnut groves, vineyards and dense forests that will entice you all year long.
Who we are? That is very easy: We are those who will make your holiday into the best time of the year. But see for yourself!
We are gourmets
From local traditional dishes to international cuisine: In the huts on the mountain and the restaurants in the valley, pure enjoyment is waiting for you!

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We are lovers of nature
From crystal-clear mountain lakes in the summer to untouched snow landscapes in the winter: Here you will experience nature in its original form.

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We are discoverers
From funny mountain stories up to dreams of mountain experiences: Out holiday region has a few surprises ready for all discoverers, both big and small.

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We are your hosts
From small farms up to fantastic wellness hotels: Wherever you check in, you are sure to find South Tyrol hospitality.

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