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Dachmarke Suedtirol
Holiday planning
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Traditions & customs

Living cultural heritage

The holiday region aroudn Klausen, located in the heart of South Tyrol, is not only known for its breathtaking landscape, but also for its deeply rooted traditions and customs that shape the regional identity. In this picturesque part of Italy, Alpine influences merge with Mediterranean charm, which is reflected in the many festivals and rites.

There is so much to discover: from the blue apron, the Sacred Heart fire, the card game Watten or the importance of local associations here. The annual Törggelen is a highlight in the fall, when the grape harvest is complete. The new wines are tasted in the rustic wine taverns, accompanied by traditional dishes such as Schlutzkrapfen and roasted chestnuts. Or the cattle drive, where the return of the grazing cattle to their home stables is celebrated with a festival. These convivial gatherings are a feast for the palate, and also an expression of the South Tyroleans' close connection to nature and their agricultural roots.

South Tyrol's customs offer visitors the opportunity to take part in living traditions to experience the unique connection of the people to their history and environment.