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Dachmarke Suedtirol
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A combination of an idyllic village and high pasture enjoyment
View of Villanders and the mountains in summer

Holidays in Villanders

In a few words: A hiker's paradise, relaxing and sunny!

Built on a sunny mountain slope, the holiday village of Villanders enthuses with a unique natural landscape and spectacular views. But after returning home from your holidays in Villanders, you won't just be talking about the unbelievable panoramas, but also about the many curiosities you found along the hiking or walking trails. These could include, for example, the Totenkirchl church which sits at 2,186 metres and is located in the geographical centre of South Tyrol. Or the forged crosses (Grabkreuze) in the village cemetery, which are located at the foot end instead of the head end of the casket.
In addition to all kinds of curiosities, many nature adventures also await you. Everything you think mountain holidays should offer can be found here. Traditional indulgences at the wine taverns, Törggelestuben and chalets. Hiking to biotopes, to the high plateau of the Villanderer Alm or a path along the Waal river. Winter experiences on the panoramic cross-country skiing trails and winter hiking paths… are you convinced?
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10 hairpin bends that are worth passing through

Because this pretty little town has a couple of surprises up its sleeve

Castles, vineyards and chestnut groves. Apple orchards, blooming fields and dense forests. Steep and difficult, flat and easy: This mountain village has such a wide variety to offer its visitors!
Holidays in paradise

Or at least very close to it!

Beginning the Eisack river at 481 m and reaching oes up to the Villanders mountain at 2,509 m: The Villanders hiking area!
Whether you are a passionate hiker who doesn’t want to miss out on a cosy stop at a mountain hut or a tireless summit climber who wants to get to the top. Whether you set out on an adventurous family hike or explore the mountain on your own – the endless possibilities make the region a real hiker's paradise.

And the best part: Regardless of whether it is sunny or rainy, if there is wind or snow, if you come during the hot or the cold season, you will find something worth doing around Villanders!
Who we are? That is very easy: We are those who will make your holiday into the best time of the year. But see for yourself!
A plate of cheese
Are you also a bon vivant?
From local traditional dishes to Italian classics: At the huts and taverns on the mountain as well as the restaurants in the valley, pure enjoyment is waiting for you!

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Dreikirchen at evening
Are you also nature lovers?
From crystal-clear mountain lakes in the summer to untouched snow landscapes in the winter. From mild spring awakening to golden autumn: Here you will experience nature in its original form.

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Villanders mine
Are you also a discoverer?
From funny mountain tales up to dreams of mountain experiences: Our holiday region has a few surprises ready for all discoverers, both young and old. Here you can learn all about our insider tips and hidden places full of history that you simply have to visit.  
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From small farms up to impressive wellness hotels: Wherever you check in, you are sure to be met with South Tyrolean hospitality.

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