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Regardless of the season, spending some days off in the holiday villages of Klausen, Barbian, Feldthurns, Villanders, Latzfons and Gufidaun are always worthwhile. From spring to autumn, mountain lovers can immerse themselves in the limitless hiking enjoyment. Unique natural spectacles such as the Barbian waterfalls put all their beauty on display, family and theme-based trails make it possible to experience South Tyrol up close. In the cold season, our region transforms into a winter wonderland. It entices you to take breathtaking snowshoe and winter hikes and invites you to glide over slopes and hillsides. Experience the South Tyrolean culture, explore towns and villages, be delighted by our hospitality and taste the best of what our region of enjoyment has to offer!
The charming artistic town
Mediaeval walls and the South Tyrolean small-town flair. Or: The heart of the Eisacktal valley!
Discover Klausen
A pure nature experience
A small hamlet and a wide-variety of opportunities. Or: Wonderful idyllic nature!
Discover Barbian
The traditional chestnut village
Limitless sunny slopes and South Tyrolean tradition. Or: The village to fall in love with!
Discover Feldthurns
The alpine region with magnificent views
Cosy lodges and endless winter magic. Or: A hiking paradise all year long!
Discover Villanders
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