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The village in the sun
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Holidays in Latzfons

Hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers pay attention!

A small village, lots of options: The lovely town centre is the starting point for a varied holiday in the summer or in winter. And as far as enjoyment goes, Latzfons has plenty to offer: One of the best speck in South Tyrol comes from here. Far away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, you will find peace and relaxation with incomparable panoramic views. And if you do feel like going into town, Klausen is fortunately not far away!
In spring, the valleys are in full bloom, in summer you can cool down best on the mountains around Latzfons – either on your two feet or on two wheels, whatever you prefer. In autumn there is the traditional Törggelen and in winter you shouldn’t miss out on the calm and clean mountain air on a snowshoe hike
Who would have thought there is so much variety in such a little village?
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Affectionate and traditional

A village that loves and lives its traditions!

Hardly any other village cherishes and cares for its traditions as much as Latzfons. As a result, the tranquillity gets at times interrupted by the music, dancing and good food. As a holidaymaker, you will be fully involved when the Almabtrieb (transhumance; ceremonial driving down of cattle from the mountain pastures into the valley) with its traditional procession takes place at the beginning of September, or when the music band shows off its skills on the village square. A meal in such good company alone makes a holiday in Latzfons a must!
The church at the Latzfons Cross at evening
Up to one of the highest pilgrimage areas in Europe - The Latzfons cross at 2,296 m!
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Good to know
How to reach
Take the main road towards Feldthurns, then continue to Latzfons (10 km from Klausen).

The village of Latzfons is easily accessible by public transport. The bus departs every hour from Klausen (bus no. 343 - change in Feldthurns to bus 342) and from Brixen (bus no. 342).
Bakery Hasler
Dorfstraße 16 Via del Paese
Tel. +39 0472 545 180

Despar Brunner
Dorfstraße 23 Via del Paese
Tel. +39 0472 545 070

Butcher Pfattner
Dorfstraße 27 Via del Paese
Tel. +39 0472 545 154
Klausner Hütte
Latzfonser Alm
Tel. +39 320 707 8058
May - October & end of December - March

Schutzhaus Latzfonser Kreuz
Latzfonser Alm
Tel. +39 0472 545 017
Tel. +39 334 114 5608
June - October

Latzfonser Villanderer Alm
Tel. +39 339 524 6852
May - October & end of December - March

Feldthurner Alm
Tel. +39 0472 855 230
Tel. +39 349 323 0331
May - October

Runggen 36
Tel. +39 339 854 8279
daily from THUR - SUN
(on holidays every day)

Almschank Käserei Jochalm
Latzfonser Alm
Tel. +39 340 595 3938
June - October & end of December - February
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From local traditional dishes to Italian classics: At the huts and taverns on the mountain as well as the restaurants in the valley, pure enjoyment is waiting for you!

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From crystal-clear mountain lakes in the summer to untouched snow landscapes in the winter. From mild spring awakening to golden autumn: Here you will experience nature in its original form.

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From funny mountain tales up to dreams of mountain experiences: Our holiday region has a few surprises ready for all discoverers, both young and old. Here you can learn all about our insider tips and hidden places full of history that you simply have to visit.  
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