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Holiday planning
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Art and culture in Eisacktal valley

Stories from the past & traditions that live on

Consciously or unconsciously: In your time here with us, you will certainly come into contact with a lot of art and culture. Whoever is travelling through our holiday area will find ancient cultural treasures, modern architecture, music on every corner and an attitude to life that is characterized by tradition. In mediaeval Klausen you will find, for example, the Acropolis of Tyrol. Above Barbian, the heathen Dreikirchen (three churches), in Feldthurns the impressive Velthurns castle and in Villanders the mystic Totenkirchl church located at an altitude of 2,186 m a.s.l. Numerous museums, exhibits and cultural events offer new perspectives all year long.

The Eisacktal valley tells exiting stories from the past. If you want to get to know the area like a local, you shouldn't miss out on the following art and culture highlights!

We are discoverers
From funny mountain tales up to dreams of mountain experiences: Our holiday region has a few surprises ready for all discoverers, both young and old.

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