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Holiday planning
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On the sunny side of the Eisacktal valley
Chestnut trail Pleasant trail in the low mountain

Holidays in Feldthurns

Where nature is up close

In Feldthurns, the focus is on one thing only: the variety of nature! Regardless if it is summer or winter, sunny views of enjoyable days await you. The hiking options and the countless views of the Geisler peaks are only the beginning!

You can go on wonderful hikes on the sunny low mountain range terrace: Marked trails lead through dense forests and past secluded farms. What is beautiful in summer is almost even prettier in winter. Away from the hustle and bustle you can stomp through untouched snow to a unique panoramic view. Sports enthusiasts, lovers of culture and families will be up close to nature and culture here!
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The chestnut village with a magnificient view
The chestnut village

Everything has to do with the European chestnut

It is no wonder, as by now the village is surrounded by more than 3,300 chestnut trees. Follow the “Keschtnweg” (chestnut trail if you are not from South Tyrol) to Bozen or Brixen and experience Törggelen, where it is originally from!
Will one holiday be enough?

If a new adventure calls every day, then it is a holiday in Feldthurns!

In summer, there are meadows to hike, mountain peaks to conquer and a mountain lake for relaxing. In autumn you can wander through a colourful chestnut grove and taste rural specialities. In winter you can stomp across snow-covered meadows and feel how the flowing air makes your cheeks glow when sledding. And in between, you can drink a glass of wine directly at the winemaker, visit the towns all around and enjoy the fantastic panorama. You can see: There is much to discover all year long!
Who we are? That is very easy: We are those who will make your holiday into the best time of the year. But see for yourself!
We are gourmets
From local traditional dishes to international cuisine: In the huts on the mountain and the restaurants in the valley, pure enjoyment is waiting for you!

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We are lovers of nature
From crystal-clear mountain lakes in the summer to untouched snow landscapes in the winter: Here you will experience nature in its original form.

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We are discoverers
From funny mountain stories up to dreams of mountain experiences: Out holiday region has a few surprises ready for all discoverers, both big and small.

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We are your hosts
From small farms up to fantastic wellness hotels: Wherever you check in, you are sure to find South Tyrol hospitality.

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