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Holiday planning
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Regional products from South Tyrol

With guaranteed quality and flavour

From savoury speck direct from the farmer to flavoursome cheese from the farm next door. From homemade bread to fragrant herb and fruit teas and freshly-picked plums as well as award-winning wines – the range of regional South Tyrolean products that are produced in our holiday area is extremely varied. Make a culinary foray through our area and discover what makes our products so special!

With local cultivation and processing on site, flavours and ingredients remain unchanged, and at the same time we are doing something good for the environment. Produced with lots of love, our regional products stand for the best quality and traditional preparation. 
All for your enjoyment!
We are gourmets
From local traditional dishes to international cuisine: In the huts on the mountain and the restaurants in the valley, pure enjoyment is waiting for you!

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