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Chestnut Trail | Stage 1

From Neustift to Feldthurns

Through the chestnut groves: the first stage of the "Keschtnweg" leads from the Neustift Monastery across the low mountain terrace above Brixen, at the eastern foothills of the Sarntal Alps, through small hamlets, farms and unique cultural monuments.

Route length: 17 km
Metres in altitude ascent: 660 m
Height difference descent: 388 m
Average walking time: 5:30 h

The starting point is the bus stop at the Eisack Bridge near the Augustinian canons' monastery of Neustift (594 m). From there, the trail follows the orographic right bank of the Eisack River in a northerly direction until you reach the Punterhof farm.
On the left side of the Punterhof fields, a small ascent begins that leads to resting bench. There, you turn left, hike up a slight incline through the forest and then cross the fields in a southerly direction until you reach the Ehrenreicher Hof farm on the Gols hill.
Now follow the road until you turn right onto a narrow path that leads to a bridge where you cross the main traffic lines of the Eisack Valley. Shortly afterwards, follow a field path that leads in a westerly direction to the settlement area of Vahrn as far as the Spilucker stream. Now hike, slightly ascending along the "Karl-Told-Weg" to a settlement in the “Vahrner Kastanienhain” (chestnut grove - 678 m) and reach the Schalderer Street after the third bridge on the left. In the centre of Vahrn, walk downhill to the church hill and follow the Salerner Street in a southerly direction until you reach the edge of the forest, which begins there at the end of the village.

At the road bend, continue left on a forest road, in several descents and ascents to the fields of the Neuhäusler farm and, after a somewhat steep ascent, to the Burgerhof farm (750 m). Here the panorama opens up to the Brixen Valley, the Plose, the Pfunderer and Zillertal Alps.

The trail continues across the meadow terraces of the Oberebner farm and the Eder farm, separated by wooded ditches, to the Villscheider farm (715 m, snack station). Hike slightly uphill on the asphalt road to the Breitwieser Hof farm, which is located on a saddle near the Cyrillus hill. Now hike along a steep path to “Zimmermann” and then follow the road that crosses the “Tilser Bachgraben” and leads to Pinzagen (806 m).

The trail continues on field paths in a southerly direction to the Rittner Höfe farms, soon followed by a short climb to the road to Tötschling in the immediate vicinity of the Sader Hof farm (900 m, snack station). Continue along the road that leads to Tötschling (920 m). At the last farm, turn right uphill and hike through the pine forest for a long stretch until you reach the “Wöhrgraben” ditch. After crossing the stream ditch, you reach the Wöhrmaurer inn (accommodation) and the Wöhrmann farm (snack station).
Without any notable differences in altitude, the beautiful panoramic hiking trail leads to the Ansitz Ziernfelder and continues until you reach the wide road to the hamlet of Schnauderer Street. Here you turn left and in a few steps you reach the centre of Feldthurns (857 m) and the Renaissance castle of Velthurns, which is also worth a visit.
Further information
Peculiarities along the path | Stage 1
  • Chestnuts of Vahrn
  • Church of St. George in Vahrn
  • Church of St. Cyrill
  • Church of St. Nicholas in Tötschling
  • Velthurns Castle
How to arrive & parking | Stage 1
Take the A 22 motorway – Exit: Brixen/Vahrn - Pustertal.
Continue to Neustift.

In Neustift

Public transport:
By train to Brixen and by bus to Neustift.
Bus 342 Feldthurns - Brixen
Bus 320 Brixen - Neustift Abbey