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Chestnut Trail | Stage 2

From Feldthurns to Klausen

The second stage of the trail leads across the sun-drenched low mountain terrace of Feldthurns to Klausen. During your hike you can discover sights worth seeing, such as Velthurns Castle, the prince-bishop's summer residence from the late 16th century or the Säbener Berg with Säben Monastery and its Holy Cross Church. Along the way, you can always stop off at rustic wine taverns and on the descent to the artist town of Klausen, you will be rewarded continuously with magnificent views.

Route length: 5.8 km
Metres in height ascent: 95 m
Metres in height descent: 428 m
Average walking time: 1:55 h

After visiting Velthurns Castle in Feldthurns, walk through the village centre in a southerly direction. Cross the village passing Laurentius Church and walk straight
on until you reach the Antonius Chapel and the large chestnut tree (natural monument) on the left side street. Continue towards Pedratz. After about 200 m, cross a bridge and turn right up to the Radoar farm (refreshment stop)
. Here you follow the field path, overcome a shorter steep slope and reach the wide Höfeweg trail (carved sculpture on the left), which leads through a beautiful chestnut grove, here called "Keschtnloach", to the Weinbrenner farm. After walking through a shady part of the forest, you reach the farmstead of the "Moar zu Viersch" with its beautiful meadow chapel dedicated to St. Katharina (old estate, wine tavern). The view of the Dolomite peaks of the Geisler group, the Furchetta, the massive Sass Rigais and the Fermeda peaks is particularly beautiful from here.

You now hike over a hill covered with mixed forest and mighty chestnut trees and then through orchards to the hamlet of Pardell (775 m, Huber Inn, Obergostnerhof farm shop). Here you follow the asphalt road downhill in road bends to Säbener Hof and over the wide field paths down towards Säben. After a water reservoir, you reach the saddle, between the Säbener Berg and the slopes of Pardell. Now begins a short but very steep stage of trail that leads directly into the courtyard of the Säben Monastery.
You can visit the Chapel of Grace, the Church of the Holy Cross and the Monastery Church. The monastery itself is inhabited by the Benedictine order and is not open to the public.

Now the path leads slightly downhill to the right through a rock tunnel (710 m). Shortly afterwards you reach the Liebfrauenkirche (Church of Our Lady), which can be visited on guided tours or during certain opening hours in summer. The descent to Klausen is on the paved station path to Branzoll Castle and via the stairway directly down to Klausen (523 m).
Further information
How to arrive & parking | Tappa 2
Take the A 22 motorway – Exit: Klausen/Gröden.
Continue to Feldthurns.

In Feldthurns

Public transport:
By train to Klausen and by bus to Feldthurns.
Bus 342 from Brixen to Feldthurns
Bus 343 from Klausen to Feldthurns