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Holiday planning
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The Sustainability Group Villanders (NGV)

The Sustainability Group Villanders has been active since early 2023. The group consists of eight people who are passionate about sustainability. The main goal is to highlight the importance of sustainability, raise awareness within the village community, and support the sustainable development of our village. The well-being of the community is also very important to us. Therefore, we not only organize various second-hand markets but also assist with festivals and offer different courses for all age groups. These events bring many people together to chat, browse, have fun, and learn.

We want to remind both adults and children that our Earth will not last long if we do not change our (consumption) behavior. We believe that everyone can achieve a lot with small adjustments and changes. Together, we can accomplish even more. This is what we aim to make possible for our village. In 2024, an official association was founded, and several ideas and projects have already been successfully realized.
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Sustainability Group Villanders (NGV)

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