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Holiday planning
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The centre of South Tyrol

When searching for the centre point of South Tyrol, scientists of the Institute for applied research of the Eurac Bozen found the “Königslacken”, the water holes close to the Totenkirchlein (small church) on Villander’s mountain pasture. According to the lines of longitude and latitude, the heart of South Tyrol is located exactly here in the municipality of Villanders. Enjoy the beautiful panoramic view from there. 

On a hike to the Totenkirchlein you will find not only breath-taking panoramic views, many varied hiking facilities, places of interest and treasures along the trail, but also the heart of South Tyrol. Due to the gloriously fresh mountain air and the fascinating panorama you will find here on Villander’s mountain in southern Eisack valley not only the heart of South Tyrol, but also the way to your own heart.