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The centre of South Tyrol

When searching for the centre point of South Tyrol, scientists of the Institute for applied research of the Eurac Bozen found the “Königslacken”, the water holes close to the Totenkirchlein (small church) on Villander’s mountain pasture. According to the lines of longitude and latitude, the heart of South Tyrol is located exactly here in the municipality of Villanders. Enjoy the beautiful panoramic view from there. 

On a hike to the Totenkirchlein you will find not only breath-taking panoramic views, many varied hiking facilities, places of interest and treasures along the trail, but also the heart of South Tyrol. Due to the gloriously fresh mountain air and the fascinating panorama you will find here on Villander’s mountain in southern Eisack valley not only the heart of South Tyrol, but also the way to your own heart.
The charming artistic town
Mediaeval walls and the South Tyrolean small-town flair. Or: The heart of the Eisacktal valley!
Discover Klausen
A pure nature experience
A small hamlet and a wide-variety of opportunities. Or: Wonderful idyllic nature!
Discover Barbian
The Villanderer Alm in winter
Pure nature and endless silence
With its varied hiking possibilities for hikers of all ages, the vast Villanderer Alm also attracts many mountain enthusiasts in winter. The Totenkirchl church, the Schwarzensee lakes or the Prackfieder Jöchl – the silence and the panorama are unbelievable! Not to forget: the Latzfonser Alm. After cosy winter hikes, visitors are drawn towards one of the huts to warm up before a toboggan ride takes them back down to the valley in highspeed!
The alpine region with magnificent views
Cosy lodges and endless winter magic. Or: A hiking paradise all year long!
Discover Villanders
Off on a winter safari
In the most beautiful ski areas of the Dolomites
Our winter shuttle bus will bring you comfortably from your accommodation to one of the popular winter-experience areas: The Villanderer, Feldthurner and Barbianer Alm, Val Gardena, Seiser Alm, Plose and Rittner Horn.
To the winter safari
Countless hiking paths offer a varied and exciting natural experience especially for families and children. Theme-based trails, such as the mountain pine trail with information boards and a show distillery, ater treading pools and cosy wooden loungers at Totensee lake keep things exciting. 
To the lake Totensee & church Totenkirchlein
Winter up close
10. - 15.01.2023
Experience pure nature and spend the night in a warm sleeping bag in a tent or igloo on the Alpe di Villandro and Lazfons!
Discover it now
Original South Tyrolean cuisine
Waiting for you at our alpine huts
Is there anything better than a fluffy Kaiserschmarrn or a couple of home made dumplings (Knödel) after a long hike? Not really!

Discover the alpine huts
Chestnut Weeks
13.10 - 05.11.2023
With the motto “Delightful chestnut delicacies from rural cuisine and wineries”, autumn culinary specialties are in the spotlight from mid-October to the beginning of November!
Are you also a discoverer?
From funny mountain tales up to dreams of mountain experiences: Our holiday region has a few surprises ready for all discoverers, both young and old. Here you can learn all about our insider tips and hidden places full of history that you simply have to visit.  
Experience the excitement Highlights
We are your hosts!
From small farms up to impressive wellness hotels: Wherever you check in, you are sure to be met with South Tyrolean hospitality.

Discover the accommodations Who we are
The traditional chestnut village
Limitless sunny slopes and South Tyrolean tradition. Or: The village to fall in love with!
Discover Feldthurns
A trip to the centre of South Tyrol
Villanders Mountain may not be able to compete with the centre of the earth but the centre of South Tyrol is not bad either! Scientists have discovered that the mountain is located in the geographical centre of the region. Therefore, the peak of Villanders Mountain is not only crowned with a summit cross, but also with an imposing granite globe!
To the center of South Tyrol
The Eisacktal White Wine Festival
27th May 2023
An event all about the typical white wines from the vineyards between the Neustift Monastery via Klausen to the southern Eisacktal valley!

Wine Summer
An enjoyable wine experience
Enjoy tasting the fine wines of the Eisacktal Valley. Discover here what awaits you at this year's wine summer.

Pear flour autumn (Birmehlherbst) Festival
The Verdings pear flour autumn (Birmehlherbst) surprises with its special dishes made out of pear flour combined with traditional South Tyrolean cuisine. The highlight? The Pear Flour Sunday (Birmehl-Sunntig) with 11 stands! An experience for the whole family!

15. - 17.09.2023
When the streets of the city Klausen are buzzling and it smells of dumplings, Schlutzkrapfen, homemade sausages (Hauswurst), sauerkraut then you know its Gassltörggele-time!

Juicy & full of vitamins
Discover the Barbian plum and learn why it is the ideal fitness fruit.
I'd like to learn more
We know about the highlights
From the Verdingser Birmehlherbst (pear flower autumn) to Wine & Snow: Our holiday area will excite you with cuisine-related events in South Tyrol.

Experience cuisine-related events
The fabulous world of Toni
Family Park at the Rittner Horn
Come and join Toni in his airy heights and experience fabulous adventures.
Discover the adventure realm
Barbian plum weeks
02. - 17.09.2023
Special products, dishes and excursions all related to the Barbian delicacy are waiting for you in Barbian!
Lake Totensee
The lake Totensee (literally translated, "lake of the dead") is located in a mountain hollow below the chapel. The macabre name comes from the agricultural term "dead", which can be interpreted as "fruitless".
Villanders mountain pine
The fragrance of South Tyrol
Disover more about the mountain pine
Wine enjoyment on our mountain pastures
4th - 19th March 2023
Pleasure for all senses: Oenological and gastronomic specialities in an exceptional environment!

We are your hosts
From traditional Törggele taverns to Alpine-Mediterranean restaurants: In our culinary region there is something for every taste in the truest sense of the word!
Discover restaurants
We know what you need to know
From home-made sauerkraut to hearty Bauernkrapfen: Törggelen is your guarantee for a full stomach and a good time!
Experience Törggelen
We are your winemakers
From the grape to the delicate wines: The winemakers of Eisacktal valley ensure a pleasurable wine experience!
Get to know the winemakers
We love the full flavour
From the plums of Barbian to the chestnuts of Feldthurns: Eisacktal valley is a true culinary paradise!

Discover regional products
The Villanders mine
Fancy an adventure?
Discover more
Family programme
Whether on the back of the horses, in the deepest of the inner mountains or first-hand experience how it is on the farm - at the family program in our vacation region there is certainly something for you!
Sounds funny!
Are you also nature lovers?
From crystal-clear mountain lakes in the summer to untouched snow landscapes in the winter. From mild spring awakening to golden autumn: Here you will experience nature in its original form.

Experience nature Hike and enjoy
We are lovers of nature
From crystal-clear mountain lakes in the summer to untouched snow landscapes in the winter: Here you will experience nature in its original form.

Experience nature highlights Hike and enjoy
We are lovers of nature
From crystal-clear mountain lakes in the summer to untouched snow landscapes in the winter: Here you will experience nature in its original form.

Experience nature highlights Hike and enjoy
Family hikes for everyone
Discover nature together with your kids at our family trails!
Spend family time together
Are you also a bon vivant?
From local traditional dishes to Italian classics: At the huts and taverns on the mountain as well as the restaurants in the valley, pure enjoyment is waiting for you!

Experience enjoyable moments Culinary events
What makes our wine so special
Our winegrowing area in Eisacktal valley!
Discover more
Wonderful products directly from the farmer
Fresh, seasonal food and South Tyrolean products can be found at the small, varied farmers and weekly markets in the area. No intermediaries, no loss of quality, here you will find the best products directly from the farmer.
Discover the markets
Tasty hikes
Hiking and enjoying - the perfect combination!
To the gastronomic hikes
Open wine cellar day
Wine hopping on 13th May 2023
Experience wine up close at the vineyards of our region! A shuttle service will take you from winery to winery, where you can taste the wines of our winemakers and get an insight into their wine cellars.
Let's go to the wineries!
Herbal market
29th April 2023
Herbal market with culinary specialties at the Castaneum in Feldthurns
To the herbal market
Spring is in the air
29.04 - 28.05.2023
Discover our spring time in all of its forms in our holiday area!
To the Taste of Spring
Gastronomic weeks
29.04 - 28.05.2023
Enjoy with us the culinary spring!
Sounds delicious!
Christmas market Klausen
01. - 24.12.2023
Visitors of the Christmas Market at Klausen will look in vain for flashing garlands of light. Instead, the soft glow of candles creates subtle shadow plays on the historic facades of the old town.
WOW - must go there!