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The Archeoparc in Villanders

The Archeoparc Villanders

A trip back to the stone age

If you are interested in history and culture - this is for you! The Plunacker Archeoparc is one of the most important archaeological sites in the Alps. The settlement remains span from the Mesolithic period to the Neolithic period, from the bronze age to the Roman period. That is a time span of about 7,000 years! The main attractions are certainly the extensive Roman and mediaeval remains of buildings.

It was discovered by chance in 1976 during excavation work, and during the 80s various buildings were gradually uncovered. The Villanders Archeoparc now covers an area of approx. 1,600 m². There is a permanent exhibit next to it with amphoras and many other discoveries.

The Archeoparc is located close to the centre of Villanders, so you can hardly miss it!
Discover 7,000 of history!
Further information
Opening hours & entry fees
July & August
Friday from 8.30 pm - 10 pm
Groups (10 ore more people) also Gruppi (10+ persone) also outside the opening hours on request
Moreover, the Archeoparc will be visited as part of the guided village tour every Wednesday (May - October) at 5 pm. 

More dates (as part of the event "Long Wednesday - Flonderer Long Mittig)

26.06 / 03.07 / 10.07 / 17.07 starting from 7 pm

Entry fees

3.00 € adults
1.00 € children (6 - 14 years)
free entrance for children under 6 years and KlausenCard holders
2,00 € (per person) for groups with minimum 10 persons
Contact Archeoparc Villanders
Archeoparc Villanders
Defregger-Gasse 6
39040 Villanders
T +39 0472 843121
Archeoparc Feldthurns
More archaeological areas close by
Of course the Villanders Archeoparc is not the only histical area worth visiting. For example, in the neighbouring village Feldthurns, there is a place of worship with megaliths from the Bronze Age
To the Feldthurns Archeoparc