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Holiday planning
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Christmas Market Klausen

Christmas village Klausen

25.11 - 24.12.2022

Visitors of the Christmas Market at Klausen will look in vain for flashing garlands of light. Instead, the soft glow of candles creates subtle shadow plays on the historic facades of the old town.

The Christmas Village opens its doors on all four Advent weekends, starting November 25, 2022, from Friday to Sunday and daily from 10 am to 7 pm. The extensive program and the unique atmosphere captivate the visitors: A night watchman flits through the alleys and lights hundreds of candles. Candle after candle form a luminous path through the winding alleys. The sounds of Christmas choirs waft to the ear, earthy Advent tunes resound from alpine horns. The flair of bygone eras emanates from every corner and the romantic old town becomes a very special backdrop for a very special Christmas market thanks to its natural and authentic decorations.
Pre-Christmas stress and shopping hustle and bustle? They burn up in the medieval city in the glow of hundreds of candles.
At the medieval Christmas market, the stalls are hidden behind fir branches and in old cellars. Turned wooden bowls, felted slippers, filigree carved nativity figures, herbal specialties and glass art - a variety of Christmas gifts, all homemade with love. And there will also be plenty of culinary offerings.
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Opening hours

from 10 am - 7 pm

  • 25.11 - 27.11.2022
  • 02.12 - 04.12.2022
  • 08.12 - 11.12.2022
  • 16.12 - 18.12.2022
  • 23.12 - 24.12.2022 (until 12 pm)