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Churches & chapels

From spiritual areas to art-history treasures: Klausen shows its best side from its sacred buildings!

Church "Holy Andreas" at Klausen
The church is mentioned for the first time in the year 1208. The today lategothical building was implemented by the master Benedikt Weibhauser from Brixen and inaugurated in the year 1494. On the inside a leaflet explains the building history of the church and the artistic equipment.

Church "Apostelkirche"
The gothical building was established between 1467 and 1470 of master Jörg. From the outside on recognize the simple portal, the small pyramid-shaped ridge turret and that gothical five-eighth choir with the four windows. Inside the church you can find some informations about the building history and the artistic equipment.

Capuchin Church
The Capuchin church goes also back to the donation of the Spanish queen Maria Anna (1667-1740) at the request of Father Gabriel Pontifeser (1653-1706). The church was built like the monastery between 1699 and 1701. It is, in its simplicity, a fine example of the Order’s architecture. In a niche above the main portal the marble statue of St Felix of Cantalice rises, patron saint of the church, with two angels by his side carrying the insignia of the Spanish royal family. 
The altarpieces of both main and side altar were created by Lombard painter and engraver Paolo Pagani (1655-1716), who was active at numerous European courts and is referred to as the “painter of the Spanish Queen” in various documents. Both works were completed in 1702. The two side altars had originally been attributed to Carlo Cignani. Today, we know the first altarpiece was created by an unknown artist of assumingly local origin, while the second is by Lombard painter Stefano Maria Legnani (1661-1713). Legnani gives a brilliant example of the neo-classical Bolognese School and Roman influence.
Hospital church / "Spitalskirche" at Klausen
After 1200 bishop Konrad von Rodank established a house, in order to be able to offer travelers accommodation and care - therefore the name Hospital Church. After numerous floodings only and alone the small, round place of worship kept until today.

St. Andreas Church in Klausen