Alto Adige Balance
Alto Adige Balance
Alto Adige Balance

South Tyrol Balance

28th May - 24th June 2018

South Tyrol Balance is an offer for a relaxed, active and balanced use of your own powers. Mystic places and selected experiences help to find oneself and reconcile body and soul. The experts give specific tips that inspire more balance in all situations.

Water, fire, air and earth: The holiday area around Chiusa, Barbiano, Velturno, Villandro and Val di Funes in the Dolomites will commit themselves to the four elements and will rely on the energy and power of nature.

Balance experiences

Water - Elixir of Life: A refreshing spring hike in Barbiano
On this walk along the Barbianer waterfall, you will learn the holistic health concept of Pastor Kneipp and recharge your energies.

Herbal walk in Val di Funes: Magical elder and the Good-King-Henry
Immerse yourself into the world of wild herbs. On the way, you will learn a lot about rituals and customs of the Midsummer herbs.

Sunrise hike on the Alpe di Villandro
Have you ever seen the dawn? Full of deep silence and pure energy. Observe it, degree by degree.

Wild herbal hike in Velturno: Mother Earth nourishes us
This hike leads through the enchanting natural and cultural landscape of the Velturno. You will feel the power of spring and discover the diversity of wild herbs.

Viriditas - discover the green power of spring in Val di Funes
The invisible energy of nature influences not only plants. By collecting and processing herbs, you will feel the health and power of nature.

Evening hike in Chiusa: Enthusiasm for your own way
At dusk, we start our hike from Chiusa to the Sabiona monastery. At the highest point of this energetic and spiritual place, we kindle a fire without lighter or match.

Spring walk in the Dolomites of Val di Funes
The hike leads to an energetic power place in the midst of nature: consciously you breathe in the fresh spring mountain air and enjoy the magnificent view of the Odle mountain group, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Find your inner balance and regenerate your body during the South Tyrol Balance weeks.
Alto Adige/Südtirol BalanceLife is all about balance
Totensee lake
Holidays in the adventure region Klausen / Chiusa Barbian / Barbiano Feldthurns / Velturno Villanders / Villandro
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