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The waterfalls


The Barbian waterfalls

Another attraction worth visiting was not created by builders but by nature: the Barbian waterfalls.

With eight cascades, the Ganderbach river, which rises at the Rittner Horn at 2000 m, tumbles over a 200 m high rock step. The entire basin consists of quartz porphyry, a volcanic rock formed 300 million years ago. Since porphyry soils store little water, the Ganderbach Falls are particularly impressive during the mountain snowmelt in April/May and after heavy rains.  

The Ganderbach (stream), which flows near Kollmann into the Eisack river, has a length of almost 6 kilometres and overcomes a total difference in altitude of 1510 meters. 
The lower part of the waterfall is 85 metres at its highest. From here, you can reach the upper part of the waterfall via a marked, wild and romantic path.
Nature spectacle!

Health elixir waterfall

There is a special healing climate at the waterfall. The humidity and evaporative cooling alone have a refreshing effect. But the special thing is the high concentration of active oxygen ions. In our homes it is 100 ions per cm3, in the city air 200, in the mountains and at the sea 5,000, but at the waterfall 50,000!

They bind fine dust and exhaust gases, stimulate the immune system, cleanse the respiratory mucous membranes, calm the autonomic nervous system and the circulation, and generally have a vitalizing effect. Since they also facilitate gas exchange in the lungs, the "waterfall cure" is recommended for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.
At the Barbian waterfalls