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The history of winegrowing in the Eisack valley

In addition to their unique aromas, another special thing about the Eisack Valley’s white wines are the unusual, for South Tyrol, grape varieties. Sylvaner and Müller Thurgau still dominate in this region, however, in recent years other types of grapes are grown in the Eisack Valley that would be associated more likely with the wine regions north of the Alps, for example, the Veltliner, Riesling, Ruländer and Kerner.
Of course the Gewürztraminer must not be forgotten. It is also one of the great wines of the Eisack Valley and differs considerably in aroma and taste from the well-known Gewürztraminer of the southern parts of the region.

The history of winegrowing in the Eisack valley
The history of winegrowing in South Tyrol dates back almost 3,000 years. Discoveries of grape seeds and artefacts for making wine from the period of about 500 years BC are the oldest testimony of winegrowing in the Eisack Valley. Until the 1960s, various types of red wine dominated winegrowing. Only then when there was a shift to white wines did Eisack Valley’s winegrowing revive again.
In 1961, the Eisack valley’s winery was founded in Klausen. Today it has 130 members in 11 communities, from Vahrn to the Ritten. Recently some enthusiastic wine growers have started to bottle and market their own wine.
In 2015, the Eisacktal Valley wine producers formed a cooperative under the name eisacktalWein (Eisacktal Valley Wine), in order to better present the region to the outside world, maintain contact among the producers, and promote the sharing of mutually beneficial knowledge.
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