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Holiday planning
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Herbal market

The joy of spring!

As part of the inauguration of the Taste of Spring, the Herbal Market in Feldthurns will take place on 30th April 2022. From 10.00 am to 4.30 pm everything will be about herbs - the natural remedy for mind and body.

To welcome the spring, we celebrate the beginning with rural specialties, local wine and musical entertainment from 11.00 am on the main square. Be enchanted by the "Schuhplattler" and enjoy delicious wild herb dishes prepared by South Tyrolean star chef Egon Heiss in an open kitchen in the center of the square.
The group "Die Tanzgeiger" will play folk music and star chef Egon Heiss will enchant you with his herbal creations!
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30th April 2022

  • 10.00 am - 4.00 pm Herbal Market
  • 11.00 am Inauguration of Taste of Spring with the music group Die Tanzgeiger and the Schuhplattler (traditional dancer)
  • 12.00 pm Show kitchen with herbs prepared by star chef Egon Heiss

  • With culinary traditional specialties of the Bäuerinnen Feldthurns at the Castaneum
  • Wine stand with the wine grower Thomas Dorfmann
Participants Herbal Market

30th April 2022 - 10 am - 4 pm


  • Herbst Gudrun: Glass art, silk scarves
  • Oberhauserhof: Fruit juices, jams
  • Ahrntaler Kräuter Manufaktur: organic herbal products
  • Leiter Annelies: Homemade textile handicrafts
  • Dorfmann Daniela: Knitted products, sewn products, felted products, macramé
  • Zum Oberen Hof Margareth Lösch: Herbal teas, herbal salts, herbal care products, herbal ointments
  • Blumenecke Annemarie: Flowers, herbs, decorations
  • Michaela Mayr - Schrotthof: Fruit jam, syrup, apple juice and handmade greeting cards
  • Brigitte Curti: Gemmoderivatives
  • Giulia Forcelloni: Pendants in semiprecious stones
  • Fabio Palumbo: Wooden animated windcocks
  • Karuna Chocolate: Chocolate
  • Bäckerei Sellemond: Herb chocolates and herb cakes
  • Marys Papierwerkstattl: Books and albums, cards and others
Spring is in the air
30.04 - 29.05.2022
Discover our spring time in all of its forms in our holiday area!
To the Taste of Spring
Open wine cellar day
Wine hopping on 6th May 2023
Experience wine up close at the vineyards of our region! A shuttle service will take you from winery to winery, where you can taste the wines of our winemakers and get an insight into their wine cellars.
Let's go to the wineries!
at the Chestnut Trail
18th - 21st May 2022
In the artists' city Klausen the 4th International Woodcarving Symposium "Art on the Chestnut Trail" will take place. Artists from all over the world will create something special to enchant our vacation region with their works.
To the Woodcarving Symposium
The Eisacktal White Wine Festival
28th May 2022
An event all about the typical white wines from the vineyards between the Neustift Monastery via Klausen to the southern Eisacktal valley!

Gastronomic weeks
30.04 - 29.05.2022
Enjoy with us the culinary spring!
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