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Holiday planning
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Wine hopping

At the winemaker

7th May 2022
2 pm - 10 pm

Have you ever wanted to get a glimpse into the world of winemaking? And learn which soils produce which wines? Which different cultivation methods there are and why white wines from Eisacktal valley are so mineral and fruity?
Then the open wine cellar day "Ban Winzer" is just right for you!

Experience wine up close with our winemakers! A shuttle service will take you from winery to winery, where you can taste the wines of our winemakers and also get an insight into their wine cellars.
Programme & info
Participating wineries
  • Cantina Valle Isarco
  • Winery Spitalerhof
  • Winery Thomas Dorfmann
  • Winery Garlider
  • Winery Radoar
  • Winery Zöhlhof
  • Winery Röckhof



Ticket: 20.00 € for the tasting at all seven participating wineries. The tasting ribbon (ticket) can be directly purchased at all wineries.

It is also possible to enjoy the wines by the glass or bottle (for a fee) without a ticket.

No registration necessary!
Shuttle Wine Hopping
Shuttle times
from 2.00 pm, every 30 minutes

Use the free shuttle bus to get from winery to winery.
The shuttle bus passes the winery every 30 minutes.

Shuttle Plan
Contact & info
Tourist Info Klausen
+39 0472 847 424
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Spring is in the air
30.04 - 29.05.2022
Discover our spring time in all of its forms in our holiday area!
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Herbal market
30th April 2022
Herbal market with culinary specialties at the Castaneum in Feldthurns
To the herbal market
at the Chestnut Trail
18th - 21st May 2022
In the artists' city Klausen the 4th International Woodcarving Symposium "Art on the Chestnut Trail" will take place. Artists from all over the world will create something special to enchant our vacation region with their works.
To the Woodcarving Symposium
The Eisacktal White Wine Festival
28th May 2022
An event all about the typical white wines from the vineyards between the Neustift Monastery via Klausen to the southern Eisacktal valley!

Gastronomic weeks
30.04 - 29.05.2022
Enjoy with us the culinary spring!
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