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At the winemaker

Behind the doors

The shuttle bus takes you to seven wineries, and with each hour the rides become more convivial as the bus comfortably goes up and down the mountains of the Eisacktal Valley near Klausen. After a few minutes another stop. The bus announces itself with a loud horn, unloads one group and picks up another. Ban Winzer (at the winemaker) is a wine hike on wheels, if desired also on foot.

In the valley, proximity to the mountains causes strong day-night temperature variations, leading to the development of extremely fine flavor nuances in the wines. In addition, a high percentage of silicates in the soil gives Eisacktal Valley wines their characteristic mineral note. Sylvaner, Müller Thurgau, Gewürztraminer, Veltliner, Ruländer, Kerner and Riesling are the preferred varieties. There are almost no red wine varieties; this is taken care of more in southern South Tyrol. Here, in Italy's northernmost wine region, white wine connoisseurs will be pleased: fresh, fruity wines regularly win international awards.
It's all about tasting the fine wines of the Eisacktal Valley and getting to know their winemakers personally.
A group of young Erasmus students made themselves comfortable on the spacious lawn and under the spreading walnut tree at the Zöhlhof organic winery. It is a beautiful place, with a magnificent view of the Eisacktal Valley to the south - definetly a place of power. Josef's father planted the majestic tree, and right next door is the old farmhouse, which probably dates back to the 11th century - you can't tell by looking at it. Sustainability and a careful approach to tradition are important to the Unterfrauner family. This is reflected in the viticulture. As early as 25 years ago, Josef was one of the first in the valley to convert his farm to organic cultivation. "It certainly wasn't easy, but it was clear to me that I wanted to go this way - or none at all." His youngest son is now taking over the farm step by step. The young man stands chatting happily among Erasmus students waving glasses of wine and listening enthusiastically to his stories about the farm and the grapes. Too bad the bus is already honking again.
The next stop is the Cantina Valle Isarco. The youngest cooperative winery in South Tyrol is supplied by 135 farming families with their grapes, which are processed and harvested with great care and largely by hand. Modern technology enables highly professional industrial processing of the wine, which has not lost its attention to detail and knowledge of tradition. This is how award-winning wines succeed here as well.
When we arrive at the winery Radoarhof in Feldthurns, it has already become evening. Another favorite place at 850 meters above sea level with a view of the Geisler peaks. "The goal is harmony in the garden and in the soul" say Norbert and Edith Blasbichler. They are also organic farmers by conviction. Always looking for an interesting creation, they play with the options of viticulture as if they were jugglers. Nevertheless, what matters most to them is the unadulterated pure taste of wine. The perfect place for a last glass of Kerner. The harmony in the palate and in the soul is definitely established for today.

Text: Sylvia Pollex
Translation: Tourist Association Klausen, Barbian, Feldthurns, Villanders
Photos: Thomas Rötting; Tobias Kaser
Pubblication: 2022

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