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Dachmarke Suedtirol
Holiday planning
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Hiking variety for nature lovers

Hikes on the Villanderer Alm and all around

Anticipation grows as the alarm rings early in the morning and a new hiking day begins. Enjoy an energising breakfast, put your backpack on and off you go!

You can decide best for yourself if you want to go hiking on the Villanderer Alm or conquer one of “our” mountains. From the bottom of the valley, the view sweeps far up to the peaks of the surrounding mountains. From the banks of the Eisack river at the bottom of the valley up to its lofty heights at 2,500 metres above sea level, a varied hiking landscape awaits you in the southern Eisacktal valley. There are lush alpine meadows, ancient mule tracks and picturesque hamlets, there are mountain peaks with cragged rock formations and enchanting panoramas. What are you waiting for? Countless hiking highlights await you!