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View of the Säben Monastery in autumn

Autumn hikes in South Tyrol

The most pleasurable way to hike

What should never be missing on an autumn hike in South Tyrol is Törggelen. In the entire holiday area, the typical Törggelestuben located along the hiking paths look forward to treating you with their cuisine from October to the end of November. Even if the focus of Törggelen is eating and drinking, attention should be paid when choosing a suitable hike. After all you “go” Törggelen! Through colourful mixed forests and chestnut groves, between grapevines and past traditional farms and old castles.

What is better than an autumn hike in the fresh air and then Törggelen in good company? Not much! Therefore we have prepared some of the best Törggele hikes for you.
Törggele hikes
Törggele hike in Klausen
Starting point: Klausen
Route: Keschtnweg, 1B, 3, 3A
Duration: 4 hours

Circular hike on the sunny slope of Leitach, where wine grows; there are plenty of typical taverns - the Törggelestuben -  along the hike. From Klausen across the Säben promenade to the Pardell hamlet. Stop at Gasthof Huber on the right, follow route 1B and then walk towards the valley on route 3. Follow route 3A past Hienghof, where the hiking path leads to Spitalerhof and then back to Klausen.
Törggele hike in Barbian
Starting point: Barbian village centre
Route: 3, bicycle path, 8A, 5, 11A, 11B
Duration: 4 hours

From the village centre, follow route 3 past Gostnerhof in direction Waidbruck. From there you hike along the bicycle path towards Kollmann. Just above the village you reach Reatlhof on route 8A. Follow route 5 from Kollmann back to Barbian, from where you can follow route 11A and 11B and take a detour to Unteraichnerhof. The hike can also be started from Waidbruck in both directions.
Törggele hikes in Feldthurns
Starting point: Feldthurns village centre
Route: Keschtnweg, 1
Duration: 2 hours

From the village centre, walk north-east along the main road towards Tschiffnon to Gasthof Wöhrmaurer. From there take the Keschtnweg trail back to the village, past the Antonius church and further until reaching the Moar zu Viersch farmstead (863 m). From there continue to Huber in Pardell (775 m) and route 1 following the direction for Säben Abbey (740 m), from where you can descend to Klausen (520 m).
Törggele hikes in Villanders
Starting point: Klausen or Villanders
Route: 4, 4A, 4B, 4A, 4
Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes

This can be started in the villages of Villanders, St. Valentin or Sauders and is marked as “Törggelesteig”. The classic route starts however in Klausen along route 4 in the direction of Villanders along the old trail that connects both villages. When on the Törggelesteig, it is best to take the circular route to the left, past Villanders towards Sauders, then up towards Villanders, from there climb up further on route 4 to complete the circular route.
Törggele Guide
Everything you need to know about the Törggelen & Törggele taverns
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