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Holiday planning
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3,300 chestnut trees

Chestnut weeks

14.10 - 06.11.2022

The chestnut tree characterizes the cultural landscape in Feldthurns like hardly any other plant. Around 3,300 chestnut trees line the village and in recent years have become an important part of the various economic sectors.

Since 1997 the chestnut in Feldthurns has been the occasion for a large festive event with guided tours, visits, tastings, concerts and the "Niglsunntig", which has become an integral part of the Feldthurns festive calendar and on which the associations offer delicacies around the chestnut.

From mid-October to mid-November the Chestnut Weeks take place in Feldthurns according the motto "Delicious chestnuts from the rural kitchen and wine cellar at "Törggele" time".

A diverse supporting program will be offered, such as "Chestnuts on the Chestnut Trail", Chestnut Harvesting, Chestnut Experience, guided hike for kids, pleasure hikes and much more. Highlights are the Chestnut market "Nigl", the Chestnut Festival as well as the Wine tasting "Chestnuts & Kerner wine".
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