Ores and crystalls, adventure trailAdventure trail ores and crystalls

Adventure trails in the Eisack valley

Getting to know the country and its and people

People have always shaped the valley of trails and still do today. For instance, you can hike through kilometres-long of hand-made tunnels hewn in stone, be mesmerised by the passion of the farmers for their homeland or sustain yourself in the mountain huts with the alpine dairyman’s home-made goat’s cheese. Three adventure trails offer excitement and at the same time you can get to know the world of mining, regional products, rural culture and traditional handicrafts.

Guided tours and tastings offer you the opportunity to delve deeply into events and get to know the farmers, wine producers or experience the life of miners at first hand. Observe, feel, sniff and taste your way through the valley of trails. You can gain access to all adventure trails by public transport.

Adventure trail "Erze und Kristalle" (ores and crystals)
Hike towards Europe’s highest mines and go treasure hunting to find the “Teiser Kugel” (geodes of Teis). Find out how Sterzing became rich; accompany those looking for minerals and search for clues in tunnels and the rocks of the Dolomites.
Adventure trail "Erze und Kristalle"

Adventure trail "Bauerntum: Bewahrer der Heimat" (Peasantry: Guardian of the homeland)
Our farmers love for nature and our homeland makes them guardians of nature and our traditions. These adventure trails lead past original, unspoilt farms and blooming gardens back to the origins of South Tyrolean identity.
Adventure trail "Bauerntum: Bewahrer der Heimat"

Adventure trail "Regionale Produkte und ihre Meister" (Regional products and their masters)
From A as in apple strudel to Z as in Ziegenkäse (goat’s cheese) – a journey for the ambassadors of good taste. Get to know the cellars and cheese dairies from the inside and sample the range of products of our region.
Adventure trail "Regionale Produkte und ihre Meister"
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