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The Church of St. Ingenuin and Albuin at Saubach in summer


Churches & chapels

The Holy Trinity Church at Kollmann/Colma
The Holy Trinity Church in Kollmann was previously called the customs chapel and was connected to the customs office by a wooden walkway. The church itself was built around 1588 and nearly destroyed by fire in 1938. In the meantime, it has been renovated. Open from 8.00am to 7.00pm.

The Holy Grave Chapel in Barbian/Barbiano
The Holy Grave chapel is situated just below the road, which connects Waidbruck to Barbian, just near the Wohlaufhof (farmhouse). The chapel has a very simple Baroque altar. This little chapel was probably built during the 17th Century in connection with a crusade. This impression is strengthened by three road crosses, which can be found in the surrounding area. In 1701, the chapel underwent a renovation paid for by Mr. Leiter, the post master of Kollmann and was cleaned up again in 1983. Ask for the key from the nearby „Wohlaufhof“, tel. +39 0471 654 024.

The Church of St. Ingenuin and Albuin at Saubach
The patrons of the Saubach parish church are St. Ingenuin and St. Albuin. The church was first mentioned in 1398. However, the choice of patrons concludes that the church is much older. Today’s Gothic church is a real attraction for many art lovers. It was built during the 15th Century. The consecration of the altars took place in
1502. When you enter the inside of the church via the porphyry portal with its pointed arch, you will immediately be impressed by the delicate rips of the net-like vault, the four custom-made windows and the three wing altars. In 1925, a fire did substantial damage to the church, but with the help of donations from all around the country, the helmet-like tower and the roof could be renewed. Information about opening times at the Barbian Tourist Information Office, +39 0471 654 411,

The Leonard Church at Kollmann/Colma
The Leonard church is located right beside the country road of Kollmann. It has a striking front bell wall. During the 17th Century, the two chapels on the side with their small towers were added to the construction. Until 1870, it was custom in Kollmann, to have a large street market during the time when the cattle was blessed. Horses were driven around the church three times. The riders, as well as the coachmen (Leonard is the patron of all coachmen) sacrificed a horseshoe or a piece of iron on this occasion. From these pieces, a large chain was forged, which was used as a church decoration. Beside the Leonard church is a cemetery, in which a monumental wall serves a reminder of the people buried alive during a storm in 1891.