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The white gold
of South Tyrol

South Tyrol’s dairy products

Butter, cheese and the like

Yoghurt, alpine pasture butter and cheese – South Tyrol’s white gold tastes good in all its varieties. Naturally also fresh in a glass. Genetically unmodified feed, the fresh mountain air and the variety of herbs of the mountain meadows guarantee a pure and unadulterated milk taste. Above all South Tyrol’s various types of cheese gain from this.

Whether spicy alp cheese matured in hay, aromatic soft cheese, raw milk cheese or a typical low-fat local cheese speciality known as Graukäse, the cheese dairy in South Tyrol is subject to strict hygienic criteria. Not only in the large alpine dairies, but also in the many small mountain dairies quality is monitored very strictly. This begins with species-appropriate animal husbandry and ranges from the short transport distances of the fresh milk to careful further processing. Try for yourself and let the results convince you.
More information about the South Tyrolean diary products
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From local traditional dishes to Italian classics: At the huts and taverns on the mountain as well as the restaurants in the valley, pure enjoyment is waiting for you!

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