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The culinary highlight in autumn!


Saturday 17.09 | 24.09 | 01.10.2022

When autumn begins in the southern Eisacktal valley, it starts also the so-called Törggele season. Klausen celebrates the beginning of this ancient tradition with a big festival.

On three Saturdays, the artist's city Klausen dedicates itself entirely to the traditions of the "Törggelen" and transforms itself into some kind of outdoor tavern.

Through the streets of the town, gastronomic stands offer various South Tyrolean specialties, such as Knödel, Schlutzkrapfen, sausages with sauerkraut (fermented cabbage), doughnuts, Strauben and roasted chestnuts.

A rich selection of white wines from the Eisacktal valley completes the culinary offer. The festival has also a colourful entertainment program and a lot of popular music.

The festival “Gassltörggelen” starts with a big Törggele parade through the narrow streets of Klausen. The coronation of the Törggele Queen is the final highlight of this special autumn event.
Törggelen - the 5th season of Eisacktal Valley
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