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The Royal Highness
of the Törggelen
Group pic of the Törggele Queens
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The tradition full of enthusiasm

Every traditional festival should be crowned and for this reason the adventure holiday area of Klausen, Barbian, Villanders and Feldthurns also has its own queen. And in the home of Törggelen, she is known as the Törggele Queen.

Every year during the Gassltörggelen Festival, the highlight of the Törggele saison, a new Törggele Queen is crowned. In order to perform the duties of this respectable position a few things are essential: the knowledge of the territory and the tradition of Törggelen as well as of the three main specialties of Eisacktal/Valle Isarco, that are chestnus , damson plums and grapes . Every Törggele Queen is a very good ambassador and proudly lives this ancient tradition.

The 16th Törggele Queen


On the occasion of the official inauguratoin of the traditional "Gassltörggelen Festival" on 15th September 2023 Ilse Brunner was crowned as Törggele Queen 2023/24.

We wish our new queen an interesting and successful time!

15th Törggele Queen 2022/23
Vanessa Fink from Gufidaun, Torggler

14th Törggele Queen 2019/2022
Katharina Mur from Barbian, Unteraichnerhof

13th Törggele Queen 2018/2019
Evi Brunner from Gufidaun, Martscholerhof

12th Törggele Queen 2017/2018
Evelin Baumgartner from Gufidaun, Thalerhof

11th Törggele Queen 2016/2017
Manuela Dorfmann from Feldthurns, Bruggerhof

10th Törggele Queen 2015/2016
Hanna Klammer from Klausen, Untermairlerhof

9th Törggele Queen 2013/2014:
Silvia Andergassen from Klausen

8th Törggele Queen 2013/2014:
Patrizia Gasser from Gufidaun, Pflanzerhof

7th Törggele Queen 2012/2013:
Monika Winkler from Barbian, Gostnerhof

6thTörggele Queen 2011/2012:
Petra Dorfmann from Feldthurns, Bruggerhof

5th Törggele Queen 2010/2011:
Margit Pittschieler from Feldthurns, Ofenwolfhof

4th Törggele Queen 2009/2010:
Carmen Augschöll from Villanders, Röckhof

3rd Törggele Queen 2008/2009:
Sabine Anranter from Klausen, Hienghof

2nd Törggele Queen 2007/2008:
Sandra Oberpertinger from Klausen, Spitalerhof

1st Törggele Queen 2006/2007:
Petra Brunner from Klausen, Martscholerhof