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Traditional card game


Watten is a traditional card game in South Tyrol that enjoys great popularity. There is laughter, cursing, winking, and the tension is palpable. Willingness to take risks and a good memory are essential for victory. Especially in Blind-Watten, the most popular variant in South Tyrol, sharp observation and quick combination skills are crucial. The origins of the card game, whether French or Italian, remain disputed. One thing is certain: Watten is part of everyday life and the inn culture of South Tyrol. Each place has its own rules; it's more than a game—it's a cultural heritage that connects the people in South Tyrol and has been passed down through generations.

Game Rules:

Played by four people, with two forming a team sitting across from each other. The game uses 33 cards, including four suits (Schell, Laub, Herz, Eichel) with values 7, 8, 9, 10, Unter, Ober, König, Ass. Additionally, there is the extra card Weli.

The cards are shuffled, and each player receives 5 cards. The player dealing the cards (Player A) and the player to their left (Player B) participate in announcing. In Blind-Watten with four players, the other two players must not see the cards. The chosen suit becomes the Trumpf , and the chosen value becomes the Schlag. The card with the right suit and value is the Rechte and the second-best card. The card with the right suit and value +1 is the "Gute" and therefore the best card.

The person that hands out the cards, is allowed to see the top and bottom cards of the remaining card deck, considered a slight advantage as he now knows two cards that are definitely not in the game. These basic rules set the framework for strategic decisions and tactics during the game.

Player B, who announced the value, starts the round by playing a card first. Depending on whether it's clockwise or counterclockwise, the next player takes his turn. This continues until all players have played a card. The player with the highest value on the field wins the trick, collects the cards, and starts the next round.

Once a team has won three tricks, the round ends. Typically, this team receives 2 points, unless bidding ("3 points") occurred earlier. Now, the player who previously announced the value must shuffle and deal the cards, announcing the suit again. This process repeats until a team reaches the predetermined endpoint, which can be 11, 15, or 18 points, depending on the local rules. The game continues as teams strive to reach this endpoint and win the game.
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