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Holiday planning
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A cow during the cattle drive


Tradition and spectacle

As the alpine summer slowly draws to a close, a centuries-old custom is celebrated in South Tyrol - the autumn cattle drive. A festive moment when the herds return from the lush high pastures to their home stables of their villages and are ceremoniously welcomed by the community.

The transhumance marks an important time in the farming calendar and is not only a celebration, but also expresses the farmers' gratitude for a successful grazing season and the safe return of the cattle. The animals return from the mountain pastures adorned with magnificent flowers and bells, accompanied by shepherds in traditional costume. Of course, this colorful spectacle must not be complete without rural cuisine, traditional music and the impressive performance of the "Goaslschnöller".

In our holiday region, you can experience two cattle drives up close: in Latzfons this is celebrated every year on the second weekend in September, in Villanders every three years.

An unforgettable blend of tradition, colorful splendor and warm hospitality: we invite you to become part of this unique experience and discover the treasures of our culture!
Transhumance in our holiday region
 14. - 15.09.2024
Programme in elaboration
The transhumance at Villanders will take place 2025.
The date will be announced soon. 
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